What is the truth? And how do you know it when you hear it?

Jenny and Pippa are twins. Like many twins they often know what the other is thinking. They complete each other. When Pippa disappears Jenny is left to face the world alone, as she tries to find out what happened to her sister. But the truth can be a slippery thing.

Set in the vivid and varied landscapes of Argentina, Greece and the UK, Shelan Rodger’s compelling debut is a beautiful and complex examination of identity – a disconcerting story that pulls you in and doesn’t let you go.

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I find myself re-reading passages in Twin Truths because the writing is so beautiful and the imagery superb! Stunning book.
— Elizabeth Forbes Best-selling author of Nearest Thing To Crazy and Who Are You?
I did not want to put this book down. It is a page turner with depth, thought provoking story-telling at its best.
— Jackie Law, Book Reviewer, Never Imitate
You have to dive in and devour this one. It absorbs you, pulls you in and spits you out at the end with one hell of a twist that I for one did not see coming.
— Leah Moyse, Book Reviewer, Reflections of a Reader
Brimming with tension and insight, a well-crafted novel (…) calling into question the concept of an unchanging sense of self.
— Doug Johnstone, Editor, The Big Issue
Endlessly and completely addictive reading.
— Liz Barnsley, Book Reviewer, Lis Loves Books
Twin Truths is a clever book, it gets under your skin, and stays with you long after you have closed the book.
— A Rhodes, Book Reviewer, Love Reading
I could literally swim in the writing. So beautiful and so controlled.

— Amanda Jennings Best-selling author of Judas Scar and In Her Wake
Achingly sexy, cosmopolitan, revelatory, disturbing and real. Shelan Rodger takes us through love, loss and madness in a debut that is rich in character and storytelling.
— Aidan Hartley Best-selling author of The Zanzibar Chest
A psychological suspense drama with a double twist like no other.
— Nellie Williams, Book Reviewer, Nellie Pom Poms
A novel that wraps itself around you and doesn’t let go until the very last word.
— Anne Cater, Book Reviewer Random Things Through my Letterbox
A Hidden Gem (…) it takes you places you never thought you would go and really takes the route you didn’t see coming right up to the very last page when Shelan Rodger basically throws you off a cliff.
— Book Geek, Book Reviewer

Back Story

I spent nine years during the eighties and nineties in Argentina, where a large chunk of the book is set. The consciousness of Argentina’s recent history – the 30,000 ‘disappeared’ during the military dictatorship that ended with the Falklands war – was a slippery animal beneath the surface of bubbly Buenos Aires.

Twin Truths grew out of two things: a fascination with the meaning of personal identity and the conviction that there is never only one reality. We live and move between stories which are deeply subjective, defined by a mixture of cultural and individual perspective. Sometimes things happen that make us redefine history or our own personal stories. Truth is indeed a slippery animal.

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